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The SLF is a forum and we have many guest writers in our Opinions section. If you'd like to write for us and have your opinion shared in our forum then please do get in touch. 

Please email all submissions to [email protected] with the subject line, SLF Blog Article.

We have a loose style guide - see below:

Social Liberal Forum Blog Article Style Guide

Blog Article Word Length

Minimum: 600 words, Maximum: 1,000 words. Ideally, aim for 800 words.


  • As a general rule, we want pieces that argue for something concrete or that table a new idea. We are less interested in pieces that describe a problem but have little to say about what to do about it!


  • Many people only read the headline and share the article without reading it.
  • Make sure your headline is eye-catching, informative, inspirational and punchy.
  • Avoid over sensationalising it – no one likes clickbait.

Start of the Article

  • Summarise the whole message of your article in the first paragraph.
  • Give a brief overview of your article, leave the reader wanting more, entice them to read the rest of the article.

Body of the Article

  • Avoid long paragraphs. Shorter paragraphs make your article easier to read and will improve the flow of your writing. Try to keep to 100 words or less per paragraph.
  • You may wish to use headings for sections of your article if it is a longer piece.
  • Please try to include regular hyperlinks to other articles where possible.
  • Hyperlinks make the article rank better on Google search results and also makes the reader think it is a well-researched article. The more hyperlinks you include, the better the article will perform in terms of search results.

Ending of the Article

  • There is no need to summarise your article again if you did that in your opening paragraph.
  • Please re-state the main point of your article, the main thing you were trying to argue for.
  • Perhaps throw in a ‘final thought’ which develops the topic further and encourages the reader to think further about the topic.

Author Bio

  • Please include a short personal bio at the end of your article to inform the reader about yourself and any relevant information to the topic you write about.
  • For example: “Jane Smith lectures on Environmental Science at the University of Liverpool, as well as being an active local councillor.”

Author Profile Picture

  • Finally, please include a profile picture of yourself for our website. This must include your head and shoulders with you facing forwards.
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