SLF Council 2022-24

The Social Liberal Forum Council 2022-2024

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Successful candidates:

Iain Brodie-Browne

Humaira Ali

Humaira has just completed a 4 year term as a local, inner city councillor. She has always fought injustice, championed the underdog, and sought to expand access to opportunity. Through her career working with and in large institutions such as banks, civil service, retailers and charities, she's turned around failing organisations through delivering multi-million pound programmes.

Simon Banks

Cambridge History graduate. Worked in voluntary and state sectors. Retired since 2011.

Parliamentary candidate four times. Waltham Forest councillor for 12 years – five as group leader. Campaign organiser in Tendring. Chair of Eastern Region’s Development Committee, (about helping local parties strengthen).

Poet. Writer on politics and Focus deliverer.

Gareth Epps

Former SLF co-Chair with experience in local government, now a town councillor in the Cotswolds and specialist working in construction. Campaigner for radical green liberalism and social justice.

David Grace

Old Liberal. Joined Liberal Party 1974, 3 times candidate Westminster, twice Strasbourg; secretary Yeovil, then Cambridge Liberal Democrats; GLC lawyer, JEF Secretary-General, ICL programmer, Local Ombudsman investigator; environmental and regional policy lobbyist Brussels; Head of European Affairs, East Sussex County Council; Director, Inside Europe Limited; Chair, James Madison Trust.

Roger Hayes

Roger Hayes lives with his family in Kingston upon Thames where he is a Liberal Democrat Councillor. He is a communications and community engagement professional specialising in planning, regeneration and change. A political activist from the age of 14, Roger believes safe, empowered, cultured and fun-loving communities are the essential building blocks of a liberal society.

Gordon Lishman

Gordon Lishman was SLF Treasurer for the last 4 years, following 4 years as Vice-Chair. He is a Burnley councillor, a Party activist for 60 years, and was Chief Executive of a major national charity. He has played a leading role in promoting community politics and Citizens Britain ideas.

Maggie Lishman

Maggie Lishman has been a councillor in Burnley for 31 years, formerly Deputy Leader of Council and now Exec member for Health & Wellbeing, Open Spaces and Heritage! Her working life was as a clinician and later senior manager in the NHS. She’s a committed community politician and local activist.

Virginia Morck

Now that party conferences are again live, my priority will be to ensure a high profile for the SLF, with provocative fringe topics and a wide range of speakers.

Regarding our own Council meetings, I strongly believe that if possible, these should be face-to-face. Our Zoom meetings of the last few years were no substitute.

Geoff Payne

Grassroot member of Hackney Liberal Democrats. Organised most of the political content of most of the SLF conferences since SLF started in 2010. Always on the lookout for seminal books, original thinkers and radical ideas, both inside and outside the Liberal Democrats.

Paul Pettinger

Paul Pettinger is a keen Progressive Alliance builder and member of the Green Party of England and Wales.

Katharine Pindar

Katharine is a retired journalist and counsellor, a Liberal/Liberal Democrat supporter and usual member since her teens. Locally an Executive member supporting candidates, nationally she has been a frequent contributor to Liberal Democrat Voice, a constant participant at Federal Conferences, and latterly a member of the party's Fairer Society Working Group.

Stephen Richmond

Adrian Sanders

Joined Liberal Party 1979, worked for Party at ALC/ALDC and in Parliament. Former Cllr on Torbay BC and UA. 4 term MP for Torbay 1997 - 2015. Currently Secretary General, Parliamentarians for Diabetes Global Network. Membership Sec, former MPs Assoc. Trustee Parliamentary Outreach Trust. Chair of the ABCD Diabetes Trust.

John Shreeve

Joining after the Brexit referendum, I quickly became chair of my local party and the coordinating group for Suffolk. Now a few years later, I am Eastern Region deputy chair and an elected member of English Council exec, but the question foremost in my mind is,

"Who are the liberal Democrats and what do they want?"

Wendy Taylor

Janice Turner

Chris Willmore

Chris is an emeritus professor of sustainability, law and charity trustee. She has been a Lib Dem councillor since she was in her 20s. Actively engaged in sustainability campaigns, from climate action to anti poverty, her work focuses on how we mobilise and support people to transform their community.

Richard Younger-Ross

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