Our Purpose

The Social Liberal Forum is the home of Social Liberalism in Britain. 

We campaign for a Citizens' Britain, one characterised by a massive transfer of power from remote and unaccountable corporations and state institutions to people and their communities. We do this because we believe individuals and communities should shape their own destinies and live a good life as they see it, unfettered by the power and control of others; and that when this happens it produces the best outcomes for people and planet.

To achieve our goals:

  • We fight to protect and preserve political freedom, for a political system that is fairer and more transparent, and to massively expand opportunities for everyone's voice to be heard in public decision making, not only at election time, but all the time.
  • We work to reclaim the concept of citizenship from those who use it in narrow legal terms to exclude people and to undermine the universal human rights of vulnerable groups like migrants and refugees. To us, citizenship is instead about each of us actively using the power we have as individuals, in respectful community with others (whatever their national or legal status) to shape a better future for us all.
  • We pursue a society in which inequalities of power, wealth, health and well-being are reduced, unfairness is addressed and poverty is abolished, because a Citizens’ Britain cannot exist if the established citadels of the status quo hoard all the money and power. A Citizens’ Britain will be a more equal Britain.
  • We fight for a rapid transition to a zero carbon economy, both to save the planet and to create the new green jobs of the future.
  • We stand for a generous society in which people can make their own commitment to respect, help and care for others, and where an enabling state exists to help all enjoy a full life and build back from challenges and setbacks.  
  • In the face of rapid technological change we campaign for a reformed capitalism that innovates to advance the public and planetary good, enhances the rights and economic stake of workers, and delivers fulfilling work for all.
  • We celebrate and campaign to increase tolerance and diversity in our communities and to ensure the long contribution of progressive liberal ideas to our national story is not lost in a sea of divisive and exclusive nationalism.
  • And we make the case for internationalism, and for an outward looking country that does not fear the outside world or pull up the draw-bridge to hide from it. Instead, we believe that as global citizens we have a responsibility to make common cause with others in Europe and beyond to meet the great climate, biosphere, public health, security, poverty and other global challenges of our time. 

We pursue these goals and promote these ideas through our events and publishing but we don’t just talk. We are a network of activists who help to build and mobilise people power; run issue-based campaigns for change; support candidates who share our social liberal outlook to be elected to public office; and stand for office ourselves. We can see the world is heading in the wrong direction and we have decided to do something about it. If you share our vision for a better future, and if you want to work for change you can believe in, then Be the Power in a Citizens’ Britain, and join us now.


Our Constitution:

The SLF is governed by a constitution which is available to read here.

The Social Liberal Forum Council

The Social Liberal Forum elects members to its governing council every two years.  The results of the last Council election can be found here.


Social Liberal Forum Officers

The Council elects officers to oversee the administration of the SLF. At present the elected officers are as follows:

Chair: Gordon Lishman

Deputy Chair: Wendy Taylor

Vice Chair, Richard Younger-Ross

Treasurer: David Hewitt

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