This new report by SLF Director Ian Kearns, and SLF Council Member Jon Alexander, was prepared with extensive data input from the political consultancy, Datapraxis. The report was released to coincide with the start of the 2020 Lib Dem Autumn Virtual Conference and is the first data rich analysis of the disastrous 2019 Lib Dem election campaign.

The report:

  • Provides new insights into the ways the party fell short in December 2019, in terms of both data collection and analysis, and message testing;
  • Pin-points the lessons that need to be learned from that experience;
  • Identifies 14 voter tribes that make up the electorate, and spells out which tribes the Lib Dem vote came from;
  • Identifies which voter tribes are the ones with the greatest potential to vote Lib Dem in future;
  • Considers 3 strategic options the party has for the future, and argues only one of them holds the potential for a major Lib Dem revival.


Download the report by clicking here.

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