A new chapter of the continuing Brexit negotiations nightmare has kicked off, courtesy of Boris Johnson saying that the row over the border in Northern Ireland is being used to frustrate Brexit. It is therefore extremely timely that Nigel Lindsay, SLF Council member, has shared his insights and ideas on “The EU and the UK: The Liberal Case for Territorial Differentiation” in our most recent long-read publication.

Nigel spells out the issues surrounding the vexed Ireland-Northern Ireland border conundrum, and describes scenarios where a possible border between Northern Ireland and Scotland, and even a possible border between Scotland and England, could arise if voters’ wishes are actually to be taken into consideration.

As he says:

Border controls are nasty; they slow commerce and they divide people unnecessarily, but they are an inevitable consequence of implementing the 2016 vote, wherever they are established.

We are stuck with the result of the EU Referendum, and so hard borders have to be considered as a possibility until the current negotiations mature. Likely, as it is, that the Irish border debate will run and run, and become a political football, it is right that we consider the liberal case for territorial differentiation as part of this larger debate.

Nigel Lindsay’s article makes a fascinating read for all who are interested in the ramifications and fallout of the momentous 2016 EU Referendum.

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