And Start Persuading the Tories to Instead
  • Guardian Comment is Free, 09/05/12: Nick Clegg should keep his distance in this relaunched coalition
  • Guardian letter, 19/04/12: Alternative economics – as if people mattered
  • New Statesman blog, 04/04/12: The problem with public service choice
  • Observer, 17/03/12: Nick Clegg faces Lib Dem fury over budget boost for rich
  • Newsnight, 09/03/12
  • Guardian, 09/03/12: Nick Clegg: ‘Lib Dems must stop looking in the rear-view mirror’
  • Guardian, 22/12/11: Letter on sticking to our principles
  • New Statesman, 15/12/11: In Defence of the Lib Dems
  • Guardian Comment is Free, 9/12/11: Nick Clegg, you’ve been defeated over Europe – now produce a Lib Dem win
  • Guardian Comment is Free, 14/11/11: Osborne’s attack on benefits must be moderated
  • Guardian, 31/10/11: Economic plan failing, grassroots Lib Dems say in first sign of revolt
  • Guardian, 10/09/11|: Evan Harris is a more powerful Liberal Democrat out of parliament than inside
  • Observer, 21/08/11: So what do we do now, chancellor?
  • Guardian, 11/08/11: Letter – Reich and Ravel
  • New Statesman, 20/06/11: Chris Huhne attacks “right wing ideologues” over green laws
  • Telegraph, 20/06/11: Chris Huhne attacks Tory green law ‘zealots’
  • BBC Westminster Hour, 19/06/11: Westminster hour on Sunday (podcast)
  • Independent on Sunday, 19/06/11: Lib Dem guerrillas plot their next move
  • Telegraph, 18/06/11: Vince Cable: ‘Britain is a poorer country’
  • Belfast Telegraph, 18/06/11: Cable renews call for property tax
  • The Guardian, 18/06/11: NHS reforms hide ‘new threats’, warns leading Lib Dem
  • BBC News, 17/06/11: Where next for Lib Dem ‘muscular liberalism’?
  • The Guardian, 16/06/11: Lib Dem pressure group celebrates NHS rethink
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