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The FE remains the most effective handbrake on the leadership as long as this coalition lasts. Conference can be over-ruled, the FE can’t. As we enter the critical last few months of this Parliament, your vote for the FE will decide how strong and principled our approach to the coalition is.

The Rennard saga has shown a worrying lack of due process in the party, particularly in exposing unsafe environments for women. I fully support Tim Farron’s work in trying to make this party the “gold standard” as an equal opportunities employer. But we still have a long way to go. This is not something to brush under the carpet, it needs to be tackled head-on. As a Liberal and a feminist, I feel passionately about issues of sexual harassment and gender equality in the workplace.

We need an exit plan from the coalition. I don’t mean we need to exit the coalition tomorrow; but nor should we imagine we’ll happily remain in bed with the Tories until polling day next year. If we don’t uncouple from the coalition at a time of our choosing, on an issue of our choosing, then it’s highly likely that the Tories will knife us in the back - in fact it’s almost certain to happen. We need to be ready for this. I will vigorously argue for the FE to develop a strategy for countering this.



  • First joined the party in 1997.
  • Previously active in Cambridge, Greenwich, and Haringey local parties, now based in Camden. I’ve been Chair and/or Secretary of various branches over the years.
  • I have lectured in History & Politics at London, Oxford and Warwick Universities, and write about the history of corruption, and how to detect corruption.
  • I’ve worked closely with politicians in all three parties; I know how their minds work; I know how to work well with them — and against them.
  • A member of the Social Liberal Forum, I’m proud to be a Liberal with a capital ‘L’. I believe in a pro-active state that takes on monopolies and abuses of power. FE may not control policy – but you have a right to know the principles of those who stand for FE.



I’ve also answered an in-depth questionnaire on my reasons for standing, and have been quite candid in my replies: you can read my answers in full at

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