“As a party we are proud of our internal democracy and are always boasting about it. Our policies are (mostly) decided by conference but how much do you as a member feel involved? Conference edits policy but FPC’s working groups write it. Do you know how these groups are set up ? How to take part in them or influence their work? Most people on them live and work within the M25. I am determined that after the General Election we will develop a policy process that is open and transparent to all members, that involves local and regional parties and is not restricted to the few who have the time and the money to take part now. We must reform the process to represent the experience and diversity of our party across the UK. ”

Public and professional life

Starting as a lawyer at the GLC, David has worked in and with local, national and European government.  As a professional and as a volunteer he has managed campaigns on the environment, conservation, regional policy and peace and security.  He has wide experience of fund-raising and now runs an educational trust which supports federal studies.   He has worked with people from all parties and none and is Senior Vice-Chair of the European Movement.

Liberal, Liberal Democrat and Social Liberal

Since joining the Liberal Party in 1974 David has served in positions at all levels and campaigned in many local, national and European elections. He holds to the party’s century-old commitment to social justice.


  • Social Liberal Forum, Council Member 2012-14, Head of Office 2014- 
  • Membership Development Officer, Cambridge2013-
  • English Council 2012
  • Federal Policy Working Group on Defence 2012 -13
  • Federal Policy Working Group on Sustainable Prosperity & Jobs 2011-12
  • East of England, Chair of Policy Committee 2014-
  • Secretary, Yeovil Liberal Democrats 2010-11
  • Candidate, European Parliament elections, South-East 2009
  • Federal Policy Working Group on Future of Trident 2006-7
  • Chairman, Liberal Democrats for Peace & Security 2006 –
  • Chair, Candidates Approval Panel, Lewes 2002-3
  • Liberal /SDP Alliance Candidate, Gainsborough & Horncastle 1985-7


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