The Social Liberal Forum warmly welcomes the new Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim Farron MP.

Throughout the leadership race, Tim showed his concern for social justice and for ours to be a campaigning Party. We are looking forward to working with him as the head of a progressive movement fighting for liberty, equality and community. 


During his campaign, he spoke time and again about his respect for William Beveridge and the principles of the post-war settlement – ideas which he set out in detail last year in his Beveridge lecture at last year’s SLF Conference.

Speaking about Tim's victory on BBC Radio 4's PM programme, former Party leader Lord David Steel said, "Tim is a strong radical...and he is a member of the Social Liberal Forum" (from 36 minutes)





For fighting a principled and liberal campaign based on his record as an effective Minister whose major reforms in social care and mental health established social justice for many people who have been the least supported by recent UK politics.


We know from their record and from their campaigns that both candidates for the leadership are social liberals in the long tradition of British and international social liberalism.  We will work with both of them to make sure that the Liberal Democrats are an effective force, which wins elections and wins on the issues that matter to all the progressive forces in our society.

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