In this hard-hitting new Report for the Social Liberal Forum Edward Robinson, a former council member of the Social Liberal Forum and a Director of Culmer Raphael, outlines the scale of the challenge that social liberals of all parties have to face in-order to address The Menace of Climate Change.

Edward will be discussing this report on March 15 at 'Rising to the Climate Challenge', a SLF online event.


Outline of the Report:

  • The Report details the extent of the Climate Emergency which is facing our planet.
  • It challenges progressives to take account of the role of vested interests in preventing a more effective response to climate change, as well as encouraging them to be wary of the "New Greenwash".
  • It argues that liberals need to be honest about the measures needed to deliver a clean, green, zero-carbon future on everything from public transport to housing.
  • It argues that there needs to be greater honesty about the limits of the profit motive and of new technologies when it comes to achieving environmental outcomes.
  • Finally, the Report considers the limits of capitalism and market economics in response to climate change.


Edward Robinson recently launched Economy, Land and Climate Insight a new service looking to cut through greenwash and examine real solutions to cut carbon, protect ecosystems and promote wellbeing. He tweets at @ejcrobinson.


Download the Report by clicking here.

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