Dear all, Thank you for all the hard work you put in over the weekend to make Gateshead another highly successful conference for SLF. Without your support, stewarding, handing out fliers and shaking buckets, we couldn't possible achieve so much in so little time. All of our fringe meetings were very successful, leading discussion in the party on key issues of fairness in the economy: taxes, high pay and our Plan C to put sustainability and fairness at the heart of government policy
. Around 150 people came to hear Dr Prateek Buch outline SLF's Plan C, which was very well received by experts from across the party, including Business Secretary Vince Cable. We also got overwhelming support for Janice Turner's excellent motion on making pensions fairer, backed by Pensions Minister Steve Webb. SLF is keen to do more to suggest concrete, positive Social Liberal policy to our ministers and party policy chiefs, so it was very satisfying to be listened to and supported by both Vince and Steve. Then, of course, we had yesterday's vote to oppose Andrew Lansley's Health and Social Care Bill. It was the Social Liberal Forum that first drew attention to the flaws in this unnecessary and dangerous legislation, before the Sheffield conference a year ago, long before Labour or anyone else. We are pleased that Conference Delegates expressed their continuing concern with the Bill, and we will continue to push for it to be withdrawn. It was good to see and meet so many of you over the weekend. Thanks again for all your hard work and support. All best wishes, David Hall-Matthews SLF Chair
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