I have written here before about the opportunity that now exists for the SLF to be a force in UK politics for putting forward radical policies.  A yawning gap now exists in UK politics that is ripe for liberal ideas to be incubated and become part of a new national discourse. These ideas and proposals can then act as a vital counterpoint to both the right wing policies of Theresa May and the socialist leanings of Jeremy Corbyn.

The Council of the SLF is meeting over the weekend of 5/6 November to discuss the next phase for the SLF as an organisation.  With this in mind I wrote the following blog published on Lib Dem Voice on 25 October: http://www.libdemvoice.org/lets-think-again-about-universal-basic-income-52260.html

We are keen to be developing radical approaches to 21st century problems and hope to publish a book along these lines next year.  Please get in touch with me at Helen.flynn@socialliberal.net if you have ideas to contribute—and do join the SLF if you can!  We need to ensure that the next phase of the SLF cements and develops our role as one of the very few movements concerned with radical liberal policies in the UK.

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  • It’s always good if the suggested policies benefit the public despite of racial discrimination. Under the democracy, all are equal and right to get the governmental benefits. I believe that SLF will put forward policies that can be acceptable to the public. I’m a professional writer helping students to manage their assignments. You can check my website here: http://www.essayschief.com . I wish all the best for SLF and hope you guys are capable to develop the strategies in this 21st century. Good luck in your endeavors.