This election matters. The committee you elect will sign-off the manifesto for the next General Election and will need to begin a radical review of policy I the 18 months after May 2015. The platform we fight the next election on must be based on the decision conference has made. After the General Election, we need to work to develop a fresh set of LIBERAL and RADICAL policies, shaped by Liberal Democrat values, not coalition compromises.

Social Justice – we need to articulate a truly Liberal welfare policy. Too much deficit-reduction has fallen on those who can least afford it. Taxation needs to be reformed to protect the poorest workers, this includes NI reform, not just income tax cuts. We must make more progress on the taxation of land. We must champion opportunity for all regardless of background and work to ensure educational opportunity is not stifled by economic hardship.

Environmentalism – we must build on the environmental successes we have had in Government. We must push further towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy. We can rebuild the UK economy as a world-wide environmental leader, developing and manufacturing low-carbon energy and transport.

Internationalism - we must articulate an internationalist, Liberal vision of foreign policy. We must continue to argue for Britain to be at the heart of the EU, leading the EU and leading reform. We must champion international aid in the face of those who see the aid budget as an easy cut. We must work with Liberal parties across the world to ensure our platform builds on the best of international Liberalism.

Constitutional Reform – the Scottish referendum has brought the issue of devolution in England to a head. As well as devolving much-needed powers to the Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we must bring in proposals for radical devolution and decentralisation across England. STV and Lords Reform must continue to be at the heart of our platform.

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  • Member of the Federal Policy Committee 2002-2004 and 2005-2010
  • Local Councillor since 2007, Mayor of Wells 2013-14
  • Member of the Council of the Social Liberal Forum 2010-12
  • Former President of Lancaster University Liberal Democrats
  • Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater and West Somerset 2010

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