On Saturday past a number of members of the Forum met in Glasgow. In effect this was an enlarged steering committee and its job was to plan the advance of the Forum’s work in Scotland in the coming year and beyond. Two hours of lively discussion ensued, with a wide range of subjects discussed. A rough plan of action was produced and these are the main steps: • We will hold a fringe meeting at Scottish Spring Conference on Friday 2 March. Full details will be available in the final Conference Agenda. • It is planned to hold a Summer Event sometime in June. This will be a one-day event with an ambitious agenda, aiming to both raise the profile of the Forum and to consult the membership on our aims and strategy. We also hope to present a draft constitution for SLF(S), putting our organisation on a regular footing with an elected committee and officials. • There are tentative plans to put the draft constitution to an AGM to be held at the Scottish Autumn Conference. Should you be interested in the Forum’s activities in Scotland, please contact our Organiser, Norman Fraser, at 0141-946-4102 or [email protected] .
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