Following internal elections over the summer, the Social Liberal Forum are pleased to announce a new Council which will govern the work of the organisation over the next couple of years. The following people will serve as members of the Social Liberal Forum Council 2010-2012: Our governing council is as follows:
  • Prateek Buch
  • Theo Butt Philip
  • Gareth Epps
  • James Graham
  • David Hall-Matthews
  • Simon Hebditch
  • Linda Jack
  • Pa
ula Keaveney
  • Stephen Knight
  • Peter Kunzmann
  • Geoffrey Payne
  • Geoffrey G J Payne
  • Mary Reid
  • Amy Rodger
  • Naomi Smith
  • (Yes, you did read that right and it isn't a typo: we do indeed have two Geoffrey Paynes!). Congratulations to the new team! Link: election results
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