The third SLF Scottish Conference took place in Glasgow on Saturday 29 June.  This was a lively affair, with a number of interesting presentations and discussions which produced considerable input from those attending.  There were three basic themes to the agenda:
  • Matters of current political interest.  The Conference heard presentations from Robin Tennant of The Poverty Alliance on Welfare and Blair Jenkins of YesScotland on independence.
  • Scottish Lib
Dem issues.  Cllr. Robert Brown and the Scottish Lib Dem Convener Craig Harrow contributed to two sessions examining the record of the coalition and how we should approach the elections scheduled for 2014 to 2017.
  • Internal SLF issues.  Two sessions dealt with a draft Scottish constitution and a discussion of what the Scottish SLF should do next.
  • My own summary of the day’s events appears on Liberal Democrat Voice here  The Caron’s Musings blog  will cover some of the sessions in more detail.  Andrew Page has an account of the day on his A Scottish Liberal blog here The constitution was carried, so the next SLF Committee will be elected, however we don’t know just how or when yet.  I will be writing to Scottish SLF members soon with more details of how we intend to proceed and more material from the various Conference sessions. Norman Fraser is SLF Scotland's Organiser  
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