The Social Liberal Forum has written an open letter to Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander MP and Business Secretary Vince Cable MP, outlining the measures needed in order to achieve the ‘gear shift’ on the economy that Nick Clegg has called for. /22/open-letter-to-nick-clegg-mp-danny-alexander-mp-and-vince-cable-on-economic-policy/">Read the letter in full The letter comes after a survey of Liberal Democrat members revealed widespread support for a change in government policy to boost investment in the face of continued economic weakness. The Liberal Democrat Voice survey indicates that a majority of Liberal Democrats wish to see significant government action to restore sustainable growth at the heart of the UK economy. Commenting on the results, Dr. Prateek Buch, author of Plan C and Social Liberal Forum’s Head of Policy and Research, said
The Social Liberal Forum has proposed ‘Plan C' – social liberal approaches to a fair, sustainable economy’. Right now, the priority is to restore full employment and maintain high levels of co-investment in large infrastructure projects, sharing risk and reward equally between private and public sector. Balanced public finances must not come at the expense of a balanced economy based on sustainable jobs and growth”.
SLF Chair David-Hall Matthews said:
The Social Liberal Forum believes that recovery from this crisis will require a flexible approach to deficit reduction and far more radical reform to the financial sector than showering existing banks with extra liquidity - the LDV survey suggests that the Lib Dem membership agrees.
For further information please email prateek [dot] buch [at] socialliberal [dot] net
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