Nominations for SLF Council closed on Saturday 4th August. By an amazing coincidence and without any strong-arming whatsoever there were exactly 20 candidates for 20 places on the Council. As such all candidates were automatically elected.

The new Council for the next two-year period is:

James Baillie Gordon Lishman
Natalie Bird Ryan Mercer
Louise Harris Geoff Payne
Iain Brodie-Browne Paul Pettinger
Arif Erdogan George Potter
David Grace Denali Ranasinghe
Andrew Hickey Stephen Richmond
Paul Hindley James Sandbach
Neil Hughes Joe Toovey
Tara Hussain Martin Walker

Clicking on a council member's name will take you to the manifesto which they provided as part of their nomination (where available).

The new SLF Council's first meeting will be on 1 September 2018 and the new council will be responsible for electing the officers of the SLF.

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