Partick Burgh Halls in Glasgow was the venue for the Social Liberal Forum’s first Scottish Conference last weekend. Members came from as far away as England to participate in what turned out to be a lively and stimulating meeting. The highlights of the meeting were:
  • Sessions on a varied collection of topics designed to get members thinking about basic Social Liberal values and about practical ways of translating them into Party policy. In particular, Ben Colburn’s speech on Social Lib
eral Values and Robert Brown on Tackling the Policy Problem will be published over the next few days on Caron’s Musings, a blog available directly at or through Lib Dem Blogs at
  • The meeting agreed to adopt the proposed draft constitution with some ideas for a committee to be elected at an AGM which will probably be held at the SLD Scottish Conference in October. The right to vote in this election will be restricted to members of the Social Liberal Forum website. Further information on this will be notified in due course.
  • In his speech the Lib Dem Scottish Leader Willie Rennie gave an interesting insight into coalition politics and indicated in broad terms where he saw the Party going in the next couple of years.
  •   The sessions were characterised by lively questioning and points from the floor. At the end of the day it was gratifying to see people so reluctant to leave that they were chased out by the janitor! Anyone wishing more information on the activities of the Social Liberal Forum in Scotland should ‘like’ our Facebook page, email me at  [email protected] or phone me at 0141-946-4102. Norman Fraser Organiser Social Liberal Forum (Scotland) A report of this conference is available at Liberal Democrat Voice
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