Labour is reported to be putting cooperative principles at the heart of its 2010 manifesto.  Anyone remember the third way? Nick Clegg is spelling out today how the Liberal Democrats propose to pay for its flagship 'pupil premium' policy for education. David Cameron is continuing to confuse over both the economy and human rights.  Despite the Tory policy of making immediate cuts, we are now to understand they won't be 'swingeing'.  Meanwhile, he has asserted that burglars lose their human rights as soon as they set foot in someone else's property, suggesting he is not so much in support of 'have a go heroes' as 'have a gimp heroes'. Head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Rajendra Pachauri's position is looking increasingly untenable with the revelation that he sat on the discovery that one of the IPCC's claims about melting glaciers was without foundation before the Copenhagen summit. Other claims are being disputed as well.  With the scientific community still reeling from the University of East Anglia email hacking scandal, it is clear that a concerted effort needs to be made to ensure that climate science is seen to be robust and open to scrutiny.
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