Only a tiny percentage of members actually attend conference. How do we encourage more people to get involved? 

I think we should be working with EMLD, LGBT+ , LDDA and LDW to raise attendance and increase participation in all aspects of the conference by a more diverse range of members. 

And why not use technical solutions to include people who cannot physically be present? We could use satellite venues, or allow members to contribute to debates through phone and video links, and to vote online.

In Spring 2012 I signed a motion to require federal committees to publish written reports of their meetings. The motion was not accepted (why not?) but Mark Pack asked it as a question. The response was 'The short answer is yes. FPC discussed this last night and we will put in place arrangements to make this happen'. Over two years later it is still not happening. Why not? I will make it my mission to make sure it happens. Transparency is essential in a democracy.

Given the importance of transparency the FCC should publish the reasons why motions and amendments are either accepted or rejected for the conference agenda.

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Mary Reid

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