Give me your first preference if you think:

  • Party policy debate has to engage more with online privacy and surveillance issues in a party where 4 months after conference passes a motion endorsing a digital bill of rights, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act can pass into law

  • Its time conference had debates about the Big Data, Open Source, Free licensing, the digital economy or technology strategy as central to its social and economic policies - not boxed away as ‘that techy stuff’

  • If you share my belief that new technologies and digital participation are going to be crucial to delivering social justice and liberal values

  • If you think we need to invest more in researching and shaping how liberal values can be enshrined or undermined by how we approach the increasingly central role of technology in our political and public life

Who I am

Party roles  -

Joined the Party in 2006

Yorkshire and Humber Lib dem

Former parliamentary caseworker, local party secretary and local council candidate

Member of social liberal forum and passionate advocate of policies that champion fairness and equality



Postgraduate degree in Political Communication

Worked within Child Protection and Adoption and Fostering directorates for over three years

Fundraising and Communication roles for Universities

Currently work for a national open knowledge charity


What I want to achieve serving on FPC 

Specific work and consultation with experts to move to embedding technical innovation into all our policy approaches

Bring real-world experience from the fields of social care, higher education and the charity sector to our party policy making process

Enhance our process of communicating policy messaging to the public by contributing to position papers


[email protected]


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