Who am I? 

I joined the party back in 2009 and have since become an engaged activist, Chairing my local party in Hillingdon and standing in the local elections. I am a member of the Social Liberal Forum, LGBT+ Lib Dems and Liberal Youth. I have spoken at conferences on issues ranging from supporting free education to demanding a fairer approach to welfare.

My platform

The main reason I chose to stand for the FE in this election is because I fundamentally believe our party needs to put the voices of young members at the heart of everything we do. There is so much untapped talent in the membership and I want to be the person to speak up for them and ensure their voices are heard loud and clear.

But my candidacy is about far more than simply flying the flag for young people. I also firmly believe that we need more radical voices to shake things up and to challenge the party hierarchy. I will use my position to push for a progressive agenda that puts social justice at the heart of what the party campaigns on to help build a winning strategy for 2015 and beyond. 

On from this I pledge to vote against any coalition deal that fails to put social justice at the very heart of its agenda. I say this because I want to see our party putting our core values into practice when given the opportunity to govern. It is true that the nature of coalition demands compromise, but I feel that our party leadership have not done enough to stand up to the more regressive Tory policies that we have been complicit in implementing. 

I am also a proud campaigner for equality and proudly stand by Rock the Boat in their aims to help tackle sexual harassment in the party. The FE needs to show firm leadership in rebuilding our party so it is fit for the modern age, ensuring that there are safe spaces for women to engage. 

If you want better representation that can and will ask the difficult questions then I urge you to give me your first preference in this election and transfer to other SLF members.

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