Please support this amendment to F38: A Green Stimulus for Economic Recovery, which you will find on pages 43-44 of the Conference Agenda. If you are a conference representative, then please add your ‘signature’ by filling in the form below. Thank you! Note: strong as this motion is, it doesn't go far enough on the matter of green financial investment. Crucial to both the rebalancing and de-carbonisation of the UK economy, innovative investment in green industry should form the backbone of Lib Dem economic policy. This amendment will enable the SLF to argue for the green investment bank and allied green investment to be brought forward in order to stimulate green growth sooner than is currently planned.

Amendment to F38: A Green Stimulus for Economic Recovery

After para 5 (lines 30-32), add new 6 and re-number: Consider further measures to stimulate investment in green infrastructure and technologies, through the Green Investment Bank and other investment and retail banks, including promoting green financial products such as green ISAs.
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