Putting progressive ideas at the heart of UK politics

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A new publishing project from the Social Liberal Forum, publication date: 9th March 2018

The ‘liberal consensus’ is broken.  Populism and extremism are taking over political discourse.  There has never been a more important time for progressive ideas to guide us and to transform UK politics.

  • Inequalities of power, influence, health, wealth and income disfigure our society and are getting worse
  • The world of work is rapidly changing: insecure, short-term employment; education and training that aren’t fit for purpose; AI and robotisation; regional disparities; and the failure to involve workers in sharing power, responsibility and profits, are creating an urgent challenge
  • Our welfare state is creaking as it is starved of resources and ideas, and as the Tory narrative of ‘scroungers and shirkers’ takes over from reality in the minds of ordinary people
  • Climate change threatens our way of life, and could even represent an existential crisis for mankind

Now, a group of four northern Liberals from the Social Liberal Forum have come together to produce a book that promotes progressive radical ideas that begin to address and propose responses to these challenges.

They have looked for analysis, ideas and answers from contributors who define themselves as progressives, regardless of party affiliation.  Their ambition is to pave the way for the ‘progressive alliance of  people, ideas and campaigns’ that the UK desperately needs.

Read the stimulating contributions that our authoritative and diverse array of authors have written in Four Go In Search Of Big Ideas, and then join us so that we can all:

‘Be the change we wish to see in the world’.*

*Quote attributed to Mahatma Gandhi.