Inequality Street

Saturday 16th July 2016

10.30am to 5pm

Join us for a day of debate and networking with fellow Lib Dems on the important topic of social and economic inequality in the UK today.


The day will now start with a discussion on 'Leave the EU - what next?' with contributions from Party President Baroness Sal Brinton, Baroness Lindsay Northover, Lord Jonny Oates and Shiv Malik from The Guardian. 

Inequality Street

After an early lunch we will develop the theme of Inequality. We are delighted to announce that Sir Vince Cable will give the William Beveridge Memorial Lecture. He will be joined by Norman Lamb MP, Baroness Claire Tyler, , Sue Derbyshire (former Leader of Stockport Council), Neal Lawson from Compass, Bill Kerry from The Equality Trust, Karin Robinson from Democrats Abroad UK and many more excellent speakers from the Social Liberal Forum, the Liberal Democrats and from campaigning groups.

We have planned the conference in conjunction with The Equality Trust, which was set up to take forward the ideas in The Spirit Level by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett. The day will offer a mixture of plenary sessions and smaller breakout sessions - the latter will have no more than two speakers each so there will be plenty of time for discussion.


Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
London, N7 6PA

The venue is just a few minutes from Holloway Road Tube Station, which is two stops from King’s Cross / St Pancras on the Piccadilly line.

How much?

Early Bird: £40
Concessions: £15.

Rates include tea, coffee & lunch.

Are you a member of SLF?

The Social Liberal Forum has launched a new membership scheme and we would be delighted if you could join us. Our conference is open to all Liberal Democrats, but by joining the SLF you will support our work and help us to put on events like this and fringe meetings at Federal Conference. SLF members are also able to stand for the SLF Council and vote in internal elections.

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  • Looking forward to another excellent conference! The video below still makes me laugh…
  • What the LibDeems could do now that Brexit is underway is to set up a new organisation; “The United Kingdoms of Independent States” which undertake to legislate for a new economic framework with legal protocols and rules that eliminate compulsory zero hour contracts, creates more full time jobs and eliminate excessive interest rates charged by the loan and credit card businesses and statutorily reduces income inequality from around 2000 to to 1 now to 20 to 1 by law. And to encourage the wealthy people who hide their wealth in tax havens, have a zero tax rate on the dividends paid by these new types of companies. Britain could take the lead in legislating this new alternative economic operating system into existence. Alternatively, if sufficient powers are devolved to Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the regions of England, the new system could be introduced by any of them; a system that delivers fairness and justice and eliminates poverty and starts to end homelessness.
  • I’m afraid we haven’t been able to arrange web streaming this year. It requires a much more powerful Internet connection than is available.

    As far as the charge of £40 is concerned, that is what is costs to run a Conference like this – we won’t make a profit! We do offer a £15 concession rate to ensure that people on low incomes can join us – that is actually less than the charge to us for food and other refreshments.
  • Will we be able to view Vince on-line? £40 doesn’t show much for “equality” does it?
  • followed this page 2016-05-30 13:52:14 +0100