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Message to Nick Clegg: spread the pain, don’t just cut services

The Social Liberal Forum believes Nick Clegg’s newly promulgated policy to rely on spending cuts raises serious questions. We believe that this policy has to take into account the following issues: It could require even deeper cuts in areas like

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Robin Hood Tax? Beware the men in tights

I want to support the new campaign for a “Robin Hood Tax” – really I do. I understand the logic behind the Tobin Tax and have a lot of sympathy for the idea. But there’s something about this campaign… Actually,

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The Tories’ boneheaded priorities

We can only speculate what the Tory campaigns department were thinkin when they launched the now much-spoofed “R.I.P. OFF” poster. In a nutshell it demonstrates all that is wrong with David Cameron’s Conservatives: naive and focused on the wrong priorities.

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Land Value Tax NOW

The Ideas Factory is a chance for you to pitch your own idea of what should be in the next Liberal Democrat manifesto. The proposal here is not the policy of the Social Liberal Forum. We will however be passing

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