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Independent, 27/06/13: Chancellor George Osborne keeps an eye on the election as he decides not to cap state pensions

Prateek Buch,¬† director of the Social Liberal Forum, said: “Britain needs a more effective economic approach beyond hoping that cutting government spending will heal the economy‚Ķ.The additional cuts to local government, transport and public sector pay will squeeze already-strained public

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How should we evaluate the budget?

Regardless of what Liberal Democrats might like the budget to be tomorrow, we always knew it was going to be a compromise between the Lib Dems and Conservatives in government. The Parliamentary arithmetic always meant that the Lib Dems’ game

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Intergenerational equity and the perils of groupthink

Crossposted from Quaequam Blog! As the implications of what it appears that the coalition is about to do in the upcoming budget sinks in, I have to admit to growing increasingly concerned. No-one – outside of the Labour leadership contest

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