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News Roundup

Climate change science has been dealt another blow by the revelation that University of East Anglia professor Phil Jones knowingly used flawed evidence in one of his studies.  How many more revelations like this will we have before the scientific

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News roundup

Labour is reported to be putting cooperative principles at the heart of its 2010 manifesto.  Anyone remember the third way? Nick Clegg is spelling out today how the Liberal Democrats propose to pay for its flagship ‘pupil premium‘ policy for

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No turning back? A response to Compass

At the launch of the Social Liberal Forum in Harrogate, there was considerable enthusiasm among those attending for talking to people outside the Liberal Democrats where there is scope for developing policy ideas together. One organisation specifically suggested was Compass.

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Shirley Williams: How Liberal is Labour? (Fabian Society)

Baroness Shirley Williams will be speaking at a special Fabian Society event on 10 March to answer the question “How liberal is Labour?” in conversation with Newsnight’s Michael Crick. Tickets are free for Fabian Society members and £10 for non-members.

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