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Better a localist NHS than a nationalist one

Yesterday, Health Secretary Andy Burnham wrote an article for the Guardian aiming to set out the clear blue water between Labour and the Conservatives on the National Health Service. In doing so, he inadvertantly demonstrated quite how vapid Labour’s vision

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Reforming the NHS : A Local and Democratic Voice

By Richard S. Grayson This article was originally published in Reinventing the State: Social Liberalism for the 21st Century. We are grateful to Richard for allowing us to reproduce this article. Visit the Methuen website to purchase the latest edition

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There is nothing random about local control of public services

Both Sunder Katwala and Grant Shapps are quite wrong: not only is local variation a price more than worth paying for local control, but it would end the phenomena of postcode lotteries. “Postcode lottery” is a cliché, and a peculiarly

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