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Education and “The Global Race”

I think it is arguable that it is the education policy space that has seen more turmoil than any other policy area since the coalition began in 2010.  The tide of ceaseless initiatives and new structures, conceived—seemingly at least–from Michael

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Gove a ‘romantic idealist’?

Plans for so-called ‘free schools’ announced by the Secretary of State recognise the need to improve the education for all pupils; harnessing the enthusiasm of new groups offers the chance to widen community involvement in education. But, like a 1960s

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What motions should we table to autumn conference?

Crossposted from the Social Liberal Forum social network. The deadline for autumn conference motions is looming (30 June to be precise), so we don’t have much time.  But what should the Social Liberal Forum be championing to get onto the

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Stop wasting money Mr Gove

Sign the petition. Ideology rather than efficiency seems to be the Watchword in Sanctuary Buildings, the home of Mr Gove’s Department for Schools. Not content with wasting money on changing the name of his department, the only minister to do

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