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Do this or the kitten gets it ! Why “taming the Tories” won’t work

Over the last few months, Lib Dem activists have been increasingly urged to emphasise the things we are stopping the Conservatives doing.  We are told to make a virtue out of being the brakes, or at least the gears, that

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Will we get fairer taxes under the coalition?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the regressive alliance seeking to undermine the new coalition government at every turn.  If that seemed vague and abstract then, it certainly doesn’t any more. We should at least respect the Daily

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The Tories’ boneheaded priorities

We can only speculate what the Tory campaigns department were thinkin when they launched the now much-spoofed “R.I.P. OFF” poster. In a nutshell it demonstrates all that is wrong with David Cameron’s Conservatives: naive and focused on the wrong priorities.

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News Roundup

Climate change science has been dealt another blow by the revelation that University of East Anglia professor Phil Jones knowingly used flawed evidence in one of his studies.  How many more revelations like this will we have before the scientific

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News roundup

Labour is reported to be putting cooperative principles at the heart of its 2010 manifesto.  Anyone remember the third way? Nick Clegg is spelling out today how the Liberal Democrats propose to pay for its flagship ‘pupil premium‘ policy for

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There is nothing random about local control of public services

Both Sunder Katwala and Grant Shapps are quite wrong: not only is local variation a price more than worth paying for local control, but it would end the phenomena of postcode lotteries. “Postcode lottery” is a cliché, and a peculiarly

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