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After the Crash: Re-inventing the Left in Britain

Jointly published by Soundings, Social Liberal Forum and Compass, After the Crash is a call to arms for a coalition of ideas and action on the centre left, working together to find common ground for change. It was jointly edited

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Social Liberal Forum and Compass announce “coalition of progressive ideas”

Social Liberal Forum Secretary James Graham and Chair of Compass Neal Lawson have an article in Tuesday’s Guardian calling for a “coalition of progressive ideas” between social liberals and liberal socialists within the Liberal Democrats, Labour and more widely. Progressives

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Celebrating 100 years of liberals fighting the ‘taxpayers’ alliance’

Yesterday, obscure fact fans, was the 98th anniversary of the first Parliament Act*. The Parliament Act 1911 came about because of Asquith, Lloyd George and Churchill’s 1909 ‘People’s Budget’ which proposed paying for, among other things, the first state pension

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No turning back? A response to Compass

At the launch of the Social Liberal Forum in Harrogate, there was considerable enthusiasm among those attending for talking to people outside the Liberal Democrats where there is scope for developing policy ideas together. One organisation specifically suggested was Compass.

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