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It may already be too late to save the Liberal Democrats

  New research by the Institute of Government has produced a very welcome study, looking at the fate of junior coalition partners, in coalitions around the world – and the lessons which can be learned by the Liberal Democrats. To

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German Lessons

    Germany is another country. I am a great sceptic about those who want to extrapolate from history or other cultures obvious messages. How many mistakes have been made in foreign policy because foreign secretaries believe they are at

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Clegg’s Crimea

an abridged version of an August 2013 Liberator Article A senior Liberal Democrat, when recently asked about their view of the prospects for the Party is rumoured to have replied, “The Valley of Death”, evoking thoughts of the Crimean War.

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Do this or the kitten gets it ! Why “taming the Tories” won’t work

Over the last few months, Lib Dem activists have been increasingly urged to emphasise the things we are stopping the Conservatives doing.  We are told to make a virtue out of being the brakes, or at least the gears, that

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SLF welcomes cancellation of ‘Coalition 2.0′

The Social Liberal Forum welcomes confirmation in the Independent on Sunday that there will be no new fixed coalition agreement for the second half of this parliament. There is a lot more work to do on several bills currently passing

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Will we get fairer taxes under the coalition?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the regressive alliance seeking to undermine the new coalition government at every turn.  If that seemed vague and abstract then, it certainly doesn’t any more. We should at least respect the Daily

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