Economic Plan C

With the UK economy still struggling to recover from the most serious crisis in living memory, the Social Liberal Forum has published Plan C – social liberal approaches to a fair, sustainable economy.

This pamphlet draws together social liberal thinking from past and present, advocating policies that would lead to sustainable prosperity and good jobs for all.

The pamphlet is available in the window below, and as a Kindle book via Amazon

Plan C - social liberal approaches to a fair, sustainable economy

Our aim in publishing this pamphlet is to spark a discussion around the social liberal values advocated within it and the policy proposals that flow from these values. For further discussion, please add to the comments thread below, share this page with friends or contact prateek [dot] buch [at] socialliberal [dot] net

Please also consider donating £3 (the price of the Kindle book) to the Social Liberal Forum using the link below.

2 comments on “Economic Plan C
  1. Excuse me. You are going the wrong way. says:

    you are fundamentally wrong

    the fundamental of the answer is getting good & good quality people G&GQP
    because systems are implemented by people, so people are the point of weakness of all systems
    1st you need to get G&GQP 2nd they develop a good & good quality system G&GQS

    1) to get G&GQP you need to create a system with real competition
    real competition is equal access to information, formal education, resources, jobs, promotion
    equal access is a quantified, measured and constantly monitored key performance metric
    real competition maximises innovation and minimises corruption
    innovation produces strong businesses
    strong businesses/policies produce sustainable jobs and ensures we have something to trade to meet our needs

    the liberal democrat party is poor at C&CQP
    it’s members are predominantly privileged,
    there are many G&GQP, but the liberal democratc have made little effort to communicate with them and create real competition for positions
    so their innovation is poor and their corruption is high
    so they have weak policies that fail to deliver sustainable jobs and sustainable trade

    All political parties have this problem. Ego, pride and lies cause them to overlook their shortage of G&GQP. They need to start by publicly acccepting it mentally and apologising for past wrongs. Then they need to stop talking and start listening – the listening party. They need to provide key information in a simple easy form to the G&GQP. And encourage the G&GQP to design policies. Then they should devise policies from their policies.

    • the obstacles to victory says:

      1. positive discrimination.
      if you select or promote unfairly. the solution is NOT to start selecting & promoting fairly. because, this delays ‘righting’ wrongs, rewards the wrong & it takes a long time for the organization to be competitive.
      the solution is to have a deep enquiry and instantly redistribute positions & be representative e.g. 5% disabled, 10% minority, 50% women etc. because when your party becomes competitive & representative (have people with the same life EXPERIENCES as the voters) people will listen to you, take you seriously, and vote for you.

      2. a top down party.
      a bottom up party, is a good at listening to people & serving the people.
      a top down party is good at serving the leaders. a top down party with leaders who do not champion fairness and are absent in debates about fairness – will not improve.

      3. selfish members.
      members who feel their career is more important than the party will sacrifice the party for their career.
      How many members have made sacrifices to show the party is most important? How many will acknowledge past wrongs like discrimination, stand down and give those discriminated against a chance, and give the party a chance to win.

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