Council Elections

It's time to cast your vote to choose your Social Liberal Forum council. To do so, follow the email we will send you for more information. For now, click on the names below to access the manifestos of contesting candidates to help you decide.

Adrian Sanders

Chris Willmore

David Grace

David Hewitt

Gareth Epps

Geoff Payne

George Binney

Gordon Lishman

Harry Marston

Humaira Ali

Iain Brodie-Browne

Janice Turner

John Shreeve

Katharine Pindar

Maggie Lishman

Mark Blackburn

Michael Berwick-Gooding

Paul Pettinger

Richard Younger-Ross

Roger Hayes

No manifesto was submitted.

Rosemary Smith

Simon Banks

Stephen Richmond

Virginia Morck

Wendy Taylor

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