Membership of Social Liberal Forum is free, but we still have running costs, particularly for hiring fringe venues at Conference.

We would love it if you could give some financial support to SLF.

How to donate

You can make a donation via Paypal. Just click on the button.

If you would like to set up a standing order or make a bank transfer please contact our Treasurer, Mark Blackburn, for a standing order mandate and/or bank details.

6 comments on “Donate
  1. Greg Smyth says:

    Any chance of a Paypal donation account being set up?

  2. Mark Blackburn says:

    Yes Greg, we are looking to resuscitate this following a change of SLF personnel and signatories. It’s all very tedious and bureaucratic but we are making progress and I hope to have it live again within a few weeks.

  3. george roussopoulos says:

    Any progress??
    When can one expect it?

  4. Margaret Williams says:

    Why not just include the bank details? – I avoid Paypal at all costs. I was just going to make a donation now, tomorrow I may forget!

  5. Hugh Waterfield says:

    I agree with Margaret Williams, who wrote in on August 26th, at 10.27 pm.
    I do not deal with Paypal. But I would like to give some financial help. So how could that be arranged?

    And we must keep as far away from the Tories as the Coalition rules permit.

  6. I’d be happy to donate, but directly, not by Paypal. Don’t understand it and don’t want to get involved in yet another site and thus increase the possibility of scams

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