Council Elections 2016

Elections to the Social Liberal Forum Council 2016
Every two years, members of the Social Liberal Forum elect 20 people to the Council. This is the body which runs the SLF and takes decisions about policies, events, campaigning and influencing the debate within the Liberal Democrats and beyond in favour of social liberalism. 

Those elected to serve on the SLF Council for the 2016-18 term are:

  • Mark Blackburn
  • Louise Bloom 
  • Kelly-Marie Blundell 
  • Iain Brodie-Browne 
  • Prateek Buch
  • Natasha Chapman 
  • Luke Croydon 
  • Helen Flynn 
  • Sarah Green 
  • Evan Harris
  • Bradley Hillier-Smith 
  • Paul Hindley
  • Kirsten Johnson
  • Gordon Lishman 
  • Sean Oxspring
  • Geoff Payne (Hackney)
  • Geoff Payne (Herts)
  • Mary Reid 
  • Edward Robinson
  • Seth Thevoz 
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