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4 comments on “Contact Us
  1. paul kennedy says:

    Is it time for a new social Liberal party, commited to the ideals of this forum?

  2. Galen Milne says:

    This type of remark makes me even more concerned the social liberal democrats are showing increasing signs of behaving like a “party within a party”.
    It a misguided strategy that split the old Liberal Party and then the Labour party in turn.

  3. paul kennedy says:

    I don’t think splitting the party would be a bad thing. How Nick Clegg can seriously class himself as Liberal is beyond me and given the party’s record while in this despicable coalition, I feel many supporters and potential voters will never vote Liberal while Clegg is the two faces of modern liberalism. This is not a party of social justice. So either, get rid of the Conservative light members or make a clean break with a social liberal party. I find it cringe inducing as a social liberal to have my views lumped in with some of those in government.

  4. Tim Symonds says:

    Paul Kennedy makes a really good point. Even as far back as 1973 when I became active in the then-Liberal Party, there were the ‘two faces’ of the Party, the one loaded with genuine activist Liberals as perhaps Clegg once may have felt he was; the other portion, possibly as much as a third, were Conservative-lite – good people but scratch just a little on redistribution of wealth, for example,and they’d flee to the Tory Party. As I was among the former when I stood for Parliament in Newcastle East in late ’74 and my agent told me he was quite a bit ‘to the Right’ of me, I found it very tricky indeed! The mix of progressives and small-c conservatives in the Party is possibly a legacy from the Whig times, even Edward Grey’s period. When the all-men negotiation team put forward by the Lib-Dems met the Conservative team, the Lib-Dem team just collapsed – the lack of women alone was fatal. Would Liberal-Democrat women really have gone along with cuts which impacted the most on 70% of the populace who happen to be female, rather than shared across the board?
    No wonder the recent poll by Cosmo found only one percent of their readership between 18 and 35 would vote for Clegg personally – they are an alert and pretty sophisticated lot, and their view seems to me to guarantee a complete wipe-out if Clegg clings on haplessly, mindlessly devoid of any further ideas except ‘more of the same will surely bring success’.

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