This new report by SLF Council Member Jon Alexander and Director Dr Ian Kearns is rooted in new data commissioned from the polling company YouGov. The report is a follow up to Winning for Britain, picking up the challenge set in that report of identifying “a distinct, progressive, liberal alternative”. Citizens’ Britain, a country where every voice is heard, and where we work together to solve the problems we face, is that alternative.



The report:

  • Redefines citizenship, rejecting the right-wing framing of it as a legal status held only by some, and instead claiming it as a “practice”: something we can all do
  • Shares case studies, from local to national, of what citizen-led politics looks like as it emerges across the world
  • Reveals new polling data suggesting that this new way of doing politics could be a winning agenda, capable of building an electoral majority
  • Sets out the next steps in building a Citizens’ Britain


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