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Conference supports tougher action on banks and bonuses

This morning the Liberal Democrats overwhelmingly voted in favour of taking tougher action on banks an bonuses. In a highly topical debate delegates applauded proposals put forward by the Social Liberal Forum to, amongst other things: • break up banks

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Nick Clegg must now deliver the changes in NHS policy that the Lib Dems have demanded – Harris

Responding to the overwhelming vote which called for amendments to be made to the Health Bill going through Parliament to get rid of the marketization and enhance accountability, Dr Evan Harris, who drafted the amendment, said: “It is now incumbent

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SLF amendments to motions

Saturday 9.15 – F3 – Community Futures At end of Motion F3 (line 85), insert: Conference believes that voluntary work is boosted more effectively by the concrete measures set out in these policies, and by adequate public funding for the

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SLF Emergency Motion

Action on banks and bonuses Conference notes a) the importance of a healthy banking system to the future of Britain’s economy b) the regrettable failure of decades of ‘light-touch’ regulation that socialises risk and privatises extraordinary profits at the expense

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Merlin fails to spell the true reform to banking that we deserve

The ‘Project Merlin’ agreement reached yesterday between the government and the UK’s leading banks is to be cautiously welcomed as a necessary but insufficient step towards wholesale reform of the financial services sector. In particular, the SLF welcomes the 15%

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SLF supports capping the cost of credit and ending legal loan sharking

On Thursday February 3rd 2011 MPs will vote on a motion tabled by Stella Creasy MP (Lab, Walthamstow), on whether to introduce caps on lending rates charged for payday loans and other unsecured debt – the Social Liberal Forum supports

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Concerned about Lord Browne’s reforms to Higher Education tuition fees? Write to your MP

The Social Liberal Forum has expressed its concerns regarding Lord Browne’s review of Higher Education funding, and called for a fairer system to be implemented. In responding to the Browne review, both Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg MP and Business

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What motions should we table to autumn conference?

Crossposted from the Social Liberal Forum social network. The deadline for autumn conference motions is looming (30 June to be precise), so we don’t have much time.  But what should the Social Liberal Forum be championing to get onto the

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Social Liberal Forum Newsletter

Sorry we’ve been quiet for the last few weeks – for reasons that will become apparent below.  We had a tremendously successful conference season and would like to welcome everyone who signed up to this newsletter at one or other

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Congratulations to Centre Forum

Belated congratulations to Centre Forum, and in particular Giles Wilkes, for winning Prospect Magazines’ Think Tank Publication of the Year Award for A Balancing Act: Fair Solutions to the Modern Debt Crisis. One of the many things I meant to

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