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Statement following SLF AGM

Yesterday the SLF AGM was held in Reading. Despite reports to the contrary no emergency motions were submitted and no resolutions passed. The claim in Andrew Rawnsley’s piece in the Observer today stating that the SLF are planning to call

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The manifesto – or how words matter.

In the run up to party conference you get all kinds of media stories.  Usually what happens is the party identifies some key issues and pushes those hard.  Meanwhile the media looks for a few key stories and goes for

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Clegg’s Crimea

an abridged version of an August 2013 Liberator Article A senior Liberal Democrat, when recently asked about their view of the prospects for the Party is rumoured to have replied, “The Valley of Death”, evoking thoughts of the Crimean War.

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The Road to 2015

Stephen Tall suggested that Nick Clegg’s motion on the economy, to be debated at party conference in Glasgow, marked the beginning of the 2015 general election campaign for the Liberal Democrats. I disagree. The road to 2015 began the day

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SLF/EMLD race equality conference – live

Tweets about “#ldraceconf”

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Guardian, 10/03/13: Liberal Democrat leadership blocks debate on economy at conference

Prateek Buch, director of the Social Liberal Forum (SLF) pressure group, said: “I cannot understand how a serious party of government can decide, against the democratic will of our members, not to debate the single most important issue that faces

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Independent, 10/03/13: ‘Unflinching’ Clegg rejects Cable’s call for £14bn extra borrowing

Internal Lib Dem tensions over the Coalition’s economic strategy surfaced at the weekend’s conference. Grassroots allies of Mr Cable failed in an attempt to win an emergency debate in which they would have pushed an economic “Plan C”, or “Plan

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SLF Fringes at Spring Conference 2013

Friday evening, 20.15-21.30, Hall 4 How We Get Growing Again – the Road to 2015 Speaker: The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Chair: Naomi Smith, Co-chair, SLF   Saturday lunchtime, 13.00-14.00, Sandringham

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A 1% Benefits Cap Will Not Build a Fairer Britain

This post is written by Paul Hindley, Member of the Social Liberal Forum and the Liberal Democrats from Blackpool, and recently graduated from Lancaster University. A few days ago, Parliament voted on the second reading of a bill, to place

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Welfare cuts in Autumn Statement 2012

The Social Liberal Forum is committed to ensuring the Liberal Democrats fight the 2015 General Election as an independent party.  Given the necessity of agreeing Government spending plans and departmental budgets for the 2015-16 financial year, this will be challenging,

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