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Social Liberal Forum Scotland Conference

The Social Liberal Forum (Scotland) is holding a Conference in Glasgow on Saturday June 29.   Our speakers this year include Craig Harrow the Convener of the Scottish Liberal Democrats The sessions will include: Skivers or Strivers:  the causes of poverty

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Liberalism and the Free Market

Reflecting on the departure of Baroness Margaret Thatcher and on her ideology (often described as “neo-liberalism”), it is a paradox that an individualist should put so much faith in an institution – the market.  To paraphrase her much quoted remark

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Liberal Democrat MPs should vote on June 4th to support new investment in clean energy

*UPDATE 04/06/13 @ 13.00: further signatories are listed below. Also, Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton is planning to vote for a decarbonisation target* As featured in the Independent on Sunday, The Social Liberal Forum has sent the letter below to all

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SLF/EMLD race equality conference – live

Tweets about “#ldraceconf”

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The next coalition negotiations

Former SDP/Liberal Democrat but now Blairite Labour Peer Andrew Adonis has written a book, “Five days in May,” in which he describes, from the Labour Party perspective, the hapless discussions with his former party on the remote  possibility of a Lib-lab

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Do this or the kitten gets it ! Why “taming the Tories” won’t work

Over the last few months, Lib Dem activists have been increasingly urged to emphasise the things we are stopping the Conservatives doing.  We are told to make a virtue out of being the brakes, or at least the gears, that

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Race equality – a new Liberal Democrat approach: SLF/EMLD Conference

*UPDATE 10/06/13 – you can read reaction to this successful conference here – more extensive write-up to follow! This article first appeared at Lib Dem Voice – tickets for the conference referred to can be booked at Vince Cable, Secretary

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SLF in conversation with: Steve Webb MP, Minister for Pensions

Steve Webb spoke to SLF Council member and pensions expert Janice Turner, before many of Steve’s pensions reforms – supported by the Social Liberal Forum – were announced in last week’s Queen’s Speech. Being a minister at the Department for

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Putting social liberal values into action

The Social Liberal Forum campaigns for policies that promote social justice and to narrow gaps in opportunity and power between the rich and poor, as a way of freeing society from poverty, ignorance and conformity. As we launch this new

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Government agrees to retain Equality Duty under pressure from SLF and EMLD

By Janice Turner, SLF Council member A joint campaign by the SLF and Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats has succeeded in persuading the government to back down over abolition of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s General Duty. The proposal was to abolish

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