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A guide to spring conference

By Linda Jack, SLF Council member We expect one of the highlights of the weekend to be our Friday evening fringe with Vince Cable “How we get growing again – the road to 2015”. It will be in Hall 4 after

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URGENT: Emergency motion to Spring Conference: Kickstarting economic growth

Below is the text of an Emergency Motion being submitted to Liberal Democrat Spring Conference – to support the motion, please fill in the form below Emergency motion: kickstarting economic growth Conference is concerned that the latest published figures show:

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SLF Fringes at Spring Conference 2013

Friday evening, 20.15-21.30, Hall 4 How We Get Growing Again – the Road to 2015 Speaker: The Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills Chair: Naomi Smith, Co-chair, SLF   Saturday lunchtime, 13.00-14.00, Sandringham

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Uncovering the Abuse of Power

By SLF Co-Chair Naomi Smith If the allegations against Lord Rennard are found to be true, it could mean that a serious abuse of power pervaded our Party for many years. Other parties may yet have similar accusations made against

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This article is by SLF Co-Chair Gareth Epps *Update, 13.30 25/02/2013* Andrew George MP has a letter in the Guardian regarding this matter Good news for Liberal Democrats wanting to see some opposition to the secondary legislation introduced on the

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Enterprise and Regulations Reform Bill: doing great damage to social justice

Phil Stevens, Chair of the Liberal Democrat Disability Association, wrote the following letter to SLF members, regarding the Enterprise and Regulations Reform Bill currently before Parliament. George Potter has written the accompanying briefing note. I am writing to you about the Enterprise and Regulations

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Conference on Race Equality, by SLF (London) and EMLD

Please see below for details of a one-day conference to discuss a new Liberal Democrat approach to race equality. Tickets are available at SLF EMLD Race Conference by Prateek Buch

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A 1% Benefits Cap Will Not Build a Fairer Britain

This post is written by Paul Hindley, Member of the Social Liberal Forum and the Liberal Democrats from Blackpool, and recently graduated from Lancaster University. A few days ago, Parliament voted on the second reading of a bill, to place

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Questions for (and answers from) candidates in Councillor elections to federal committees

The Principal Councillor elections for membership of the Federal Executive and Federal Policy Committee are now open. In order to help Liberal Democrat Councillors decide who to support, candidates are invited to submit their answers to the questions below to

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Welfare cuts in the Autumn Statement 2012

The Social Liberal Forum is committed to ensuring the Liberal Democrats fight the 2015 General Election as an independent party.  Given the necessity of agreeing Government spending plans and departmental budgets for the 2015-16 financial year, this will be challenging,

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