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I Agree with Tim: Why we need a New Consensus

Tim Farron’s speech to the Social Liberal Forum On Saturday 19th July, Tim Farron gave the third annual William Beveridge Memorial Lecture at the Social Liberal Forum conference in London. The title of his lecture was “building a new consensus”

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Liberal Democrats and the Bedroom Tax

  At the Liberal Democrat Conference a few weeks ago in Glasgow there were many important debates on taxation, the environment, nuclear weapons and most notably of all, on the economy. The Social Liberal Forum in particular argued passionately to

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The Lib Dems Must Stand Up For Better Living Standards in 2015

In 1929, a general election took place while Britain was in the grip of economic difficulty and unemployment was high. Under the leadership of David Lloyd George, the Liberal Party chose to stand for election under the slogan “We Can

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A Fairer Society is a Freer Society

Britain today lies in the grip of austerity. Welfare cuts, unemployment, a shrinking public sector and hostility to the poor are some of the aspects of this austerity. This period of economic difficulty is only the latest chapter in a

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