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Steve Webb MP to respond to Jon Cruddas at Compass Summer Lecture

Steve Webb MP will be amongst those responding to Jon Cruddas at the Compass Summer Lecture on the future of Social Democracy. On the one hand with the crisis of capitalism and the systemic failure of free markets, coupled with

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Social Liberal Forum joins Observer campaign for a fairer voting system

Richard Grayson, Chair of the Social Liberal Forum joined people from across the political spectrum today calling for: “On the day of the next general election, there should be a binding referendum on whether to change to a more proportional

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Labour’s Love lost

When I was 16 I joined the Labour Party for much the same reasons Daniel Clarke did; now the former Labour PPC for Eastleigh has joined the Liberal Democrats because he feels that our policies best advance the causes he

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Labour’s Swansong – Our Opportunity

By the time Alistar Darling rose to deliver his speech Prime Ministers Questions had already set the tone with David Cameron undermining the government’s projections at every opportunity and Nick Clegg questioning the record of delivery on pledges of ‘one

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Social Liberal Forum to attend Compass Conference

The Social Liberal Forum will be hosting a fringe event at this years Compass Conference; No Turning Back – building a new political economy for the 21st century. The Conference will be held on the 13th June at the Institute

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The Ideas Factory is a chance for you to pitch your own idea of what should be in the next Liberal Democrat manifesto. The proposal here is not the policy of the Social Liberal Forum. We will however be passing

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Nick Clegg and today’s FT – by Gareth Epps

Today’s news that the Liberal Democrats have reviewed the pledge to cut the overall burden of taxation is timely and welcome. It was obvious that financial pressures were disproportionately hitting those on the lowest incomes, even before the start of

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