Lib Dems demand changes to the Health and Social Care Bill

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[Note:The Social Liberal Forum is hosting this petition for the movers of the amendment at Conference]

Liberal Democrat members and activists – Demanding changes to the Health and Social Care Bill

Our Federal Party Conference last month overwhelmingly backed a call from Shirley Williams, Dr Evan Harris and 150 others, calling for Andrew Lansley’s health reforms to be significantly amended to bring the policy back in line with the agreed Coalition Agreement and with Lib Dem principles.

Specifically we seek amendments to:

a) ensure the Health Secretary has a duty to provide a fully comprehensive and free health service, with no gaps and no new charges
b) provide more local democratic accountability for the health service
c) curb the market obsession of the proposed reforms to prevent quality being relegated behind price and prevent the cherry-picking of profitable services by the private sector undermining and fragmenting existing provision
d) slow down the pace of change so that the NHS, facing its toughest settlement for decades, does not implode from the stress of another massive reorganisation

The changes to the health bill required by conference are set out in full here. They do not preclude other changes that may be needed but which were not covered by the conference motion as amended.

We are calling on our party’s leadership to fully respect the declared view of the Party on this matter and insist on all these changes in the health policy in any discussions with the Conservatives.

We believe it would be unacceptable for Liberal Democrat MPs and peers to be whipped to vote against conference policy and to vote in support of Tory policies that were not included the coalition agreement and that we have democratically rejected.

Please sign this statement now by filling in the form below. Please circulate it to your local party.

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52 comments on “Lib Dems demand changes to the Health and Social Care Bill
  1. Peter Canning says:

    As a long-term user of the NHS with a pre-existing medical condition I very much doubt that any private medical insurance company would want anything to do with me.

    You know the saying ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’. The NHS currently is very bureaucratic and this privatisation by stealth that my MP is proposing is not the answer, indeed it could increase bureaucracy and it would certainly increase costs.

    Peter Canning.

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