Federal Party Committee Elections

Ballot papers and candidate manifestos for the crucial 2012 Federal Party Committee elections are in the post. Here is a list of some of the Social Liberal Forum members and supporters who are actively promoting our priorities and are standing for the various committees – Federal Policy Committee (FPC), Federal Conference Committee (FCC), and Federal Executive (FE) are the most important elections:

Federal Conference Committee:

  • Jon Ball
  • Gareth Epps
  • Richard Fagence
  • Arnie Gibbons
  • Sandra Gidley
  • David Grace
  • Linda Jack
  • Nigel Jones
  • Paula Keaveny
  • David Naghi
  • George W. Potter
  • David Rendel
  • Janice Turner
  • Charles West
  • Tom Wood
Federal Policy Committee
  • Louise Bloom
  • Duncan Brack
  • Prateek Buch
  • Theo Butt-Philip
  • Lucy Care
  • Steve Coltman
  • Lee Dargue
  • Gareth Epps
  • Neville Farmer (and European Liberal Democrat (ELDR) Council
  • Helen Flynn
  • David Grace
  • Tony Greaves
  • Sarah Harding
  • Jo Hayes ((and European Liberal Democrat (ELDR) Council)
  • Antony Hook
  • Ewan Hoyle
  • Linda Jack
  • Gordon Lishman
  • Tahir Maher
  • Mark Pack
  • James Sandbach
  • Martin Tod
  • Janice Turner
  • Susan Vincent
  • Charles West
  • Jenny Woods
Feredal Executive
  • Prue Bray
  • Daisy Cooper
  • Sean Davey
  • Neville Farmer (and European Liberal Democrat (ELDR) Council)
  • Sarah Green
  • David Hall-Matthews
  • Frank Hindle
  • Antony Hook
  • Keith House
  • Susan Juned
  • William le-Breton
  • Caron Lindsay
  • Gordon Lishman (and European Liberal Democrat (ELDR) Council)
  • Tom Stubbs
  • Martin Tod
  • Chris White
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3 comments on “Federal Party Committee Elections
  1. Chris White says:

    ‘Some of’. Who are the SLF members not included in the above lists and why?

  2. Caron says:

    I just wanted to add that I’m an SLF member, I have spent a fair bit of time promoting SLF priorities and I’m standing for FE.

  3. Hywel says:

    This list is not, as I first read it, a list of SLF members standing in those elections but a list of those who are “actively promoting our priorities” (that was my fault in reading it quickly and making an assumption.

    However as that excludes some people who are SLF members then will you publish the criteria against which people were assessed and how a decision as to who made the list and who didn’t was arrived at.

    This all feels a bit Trot-ish!

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