Concern over further welfare cuts proposed by Chancellor

Many Liberal Democrat members, not only Social Liberal Forum members, are deeply concerned by the contents of the Chancellor’s speech yesterday, and in particular its commitment to cuts in welfare spending. While we take comfort from the confirmation by the Liberal Democrat leadership that none of this has been agreed, the forthcoming negotiations mean that they haven’t been ruled out either.

George Osborne’s plans amount to a significant attack on some of the most vulnerable people in Britain, and follow the rejection of a range of measures that would help the Coalition to deliver the deficit reduction to which it is committed without falling on the shoulders of the most vulnerable.

Mindful of the assurances given by Nick Clegg not a fortnight ago, the Social Liberal Forum expects Liberal Democrats in Government to secure protection for the most vulnerable.  It is increasingly clear that a Conservative Party switching into campaign mode is abandoning the centre ground of Cameron Conservatism.  It remains to be seen whether they will keep their commitment to provide help for those who cannot work and to encourage fairness in the welfare system.  Meanwhile the SLF will continue to do all we can to ensure that the words ‘freedom from poverty’ quoted on the backs of our membership cards ring true in Government.

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5 comments on “Concern over further welfare cuts proposed by Chancellor
  1. iain brodie browne says:

    Whilst agreeing with your comments the SLF needs to put some distance between ourselves and the perverted policy on workers ownership adopted by Osborne. To advocate the removal of employee rights in exchange for shares is to completely misunderstand Liberals reasons for championing employee ownership

  2. Peter Benson says:

    The LibDems have already voted through a Welfare Reform Package that will disproportionately hit the poor.

    Many Unemployed people are Now sanctioned and lose the right to any benefits on flimsy pretenses,what should they do,steal.

    The attack on Rent Rebates,has not made Landlords lower their rents.I have seen no sign of it anyway.The fair way,would have been a fair rents cap.Not a bedroom tax,because the Tories sold all the housing stock they could.Most ex council houses are now in the hands of private landlords.You should have tackled those who have more than one home,its obscene that someone can buy a holiday home in a village,and villagers have to move out.

    The whole ESA saga with Atos at the helm is disgusting.Why hire a IT company to conduct medicals.But they are not medicals are they.They are about what you can and cannot do.Can you write and stick a stamp on a letter.Good you are employable.The same thing is about to happen with DLA,again outsourced to Atos.Even the GMC is concerned about so called Atos medicals.

    But we are all in it together.That is why Georgie Boy gave the Millionaires,like himself and Nick Clegg a Tax Break.

  3. Andrew Toye says:

    Also concerning was Nick Clegg’s comments implying that further welfare cuts could be a quid-pro-quo for introducing a Mansion Tax. A lot of benefit recipients are already close the edge so any cut would cause hardship. Are there food banks or what? So much for the so-called “life of Riley”.

    Osborne’s comments, indicating that people with their blinds drawn are probably sleeping on benefits, are totally shameful and could lead to unemployed people (or even working people who have curtains or blinds drawn for other reasons)being targeted by anti-social neighbours. We should see social security (and call it by its proper name) as an insurance against adversity that anyone might draw upon, not a stigmatised “burden” that working people should resent. The narrative needs to change, or Britain will become an embittered place with a chip on its shoulder, rather than the pleasant place we know our country is capable of being.

  4. Anon says:

    For any benefit recipients who are unable to afford heating, or sufficient food, the most sensible option would be to stay under the duvet (and therefore can avoid switching on the heating) and move as little as possible (reducing food requirements).

    George Osborne should be commending those benefit recipients who take such sensible actions, and apologising to them too.

  5. David Becket says:

    Clegg’s suggestion that he will accept more welfare cuts in return for increased taxes at the top show that he is not fit to lead a Liberal Party. Every week we see backtracking by our leadership on Liberal policies.

    The recent by election results show where we are going under Clegg, and we could still drop further. Unless Clegg is removed by the Spring Conference (two years before the election) and we start to promote Liberal policies it is unlikely that there will be any Lib Dem MPs after 2015

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