Plan C – A distinctively Lib Dem economic strategy

Plan C has been released today on the Amazon store, in electronic form. It sets out the Social Liberal Forum’s proposals for the economy, which we hope to see adopted by the Liberal Democrats as a distinct policy from both Labour and the Tories.

Prof. Will Hutton, in his foreword, says:

I am pleased to be invited to write a few words introducing a policy document that contains so many recommendations and ideas I have concentrated much of my working and intellectual life to advancing. This is the plan…that could begin to make a difference to our country.

And SLF stalwart Dr. Prateek Buch, the architect of Plan C, says in his introduction:

The Social Liberal Forum exists "to promote social justice and actively narrow gaps in power and opportunity between rich and poor," and here we present our proposals for fulfilling that rhetorical demand for a fairer economic framework. In recognising that orthodox economic policy failed to deliver prosperity for all during times of plenty and fairness in times of austerity, we set out the principles upon which a sustainable economy that promotes social justice can be built.

A limited number of hard copies of Plan C will be available at the joint SLF/Liberator conference stall at the spring conference this weekend in Gateshead.

After purchace on Amazon, you can read it on a Kindle device, but if like many of us you don’t have a Kindle you can use the Kindle App for your PC, Mac, or phone.

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9 comments on “Plan C – A distinctively Lib Dem economic strategy
  1. iainBB says:

    Sadly above all the noise at Gateshead this pamphlet did not get the coverage it deserves. It is excellent and sketches out a Liberal alternative in line with the approach the party has taken since the days of Hobhouse and Green. We need to spell out how our ‘balanced score card’ would work and the items that would be included, but the mere assertion that deficit reduction is not the only policy objective will cheer folk.
    There are two particular policy areas where the radical liberal tradition can make a big contribution-workers’ ownership/co-ownership and local banking. The SLF should lead the debate in these areas.
    The fear is we will have more national share holder owned banks and that worker ownership will be reduced to token participation. Cameron would not even countenance one employee on a re-numeration committee wheras Liberals for decades advocated equal staus for employees and shareholders.

  2. prateekbuch says:

    very kind Iain, and thanks so much for your comments here and at Amazon!
    I assure you that the SLF will indeed lead the debate on these matters!



  3. Tim Leunig says:

    Can’t we just have a link to the PDF?

    • prateekbuch says:

      I have yet to find a reliable way of monetising PDFs I’m afraid…

      • Daniel Henry says:

        Given that most people willing to fork out have probably already bought it, perhaps it would a good time to release it free of charge?

        I was certainly more than happy to shell out £3 for my copy at conference, but I’ve found a bit more difficult to get other people to read when it would cost them money.

  4. Mike Ward says:

    Is it available for iPad?

  5. prateekbuch says:

    fair point Daniel, will consider timing of free release! Mike, Kelly’s right – my better half downloaded it via Kindle app on iPad

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